• FAQs


Do you have questions regarding registration changes (deferral, transfer registration, change race distance, etc.)?

Please refer to the Registration Changes page on each individual triathlon page for instructions, deadlines, and more information.

Do you allow refunds?

No, refunds are not provided for the Wisconsin Triathlon Series, or for any race in the series.

How do I change my shirt size? How do I change my race category?

These changes can be done by logging into your RunSignUp account, choose the race and simply change your answer to those questions.

Can I wear headphones?

Headphones are allowed for the run portion of the race. They are NOT allowed during the bike portion of the race and are highly discouraged for the swim.

What are the cutoff times?

The Sprint distance events will have 3 hours and the Olympic distance events will have 5 hours for participants to cross the finish line.

How does the Relay team work?

All relay team members need to be body marked. The biker and the runner need to wear the team bib-you will each get one. The timing chip is passed to each member of the team at the bike rack. You will be allowed back into the transition area once the relay swim wave has started.

I’ve never done a triathlon before. What wave should I be in?

We recommend that new triathletes start in the novice wave. There will be a longer time gap between this wave and the age group waves. The novice wave is intended to be used only 3 times. Novice participants will be added to the age group for awards in 2021.

What are the recommended weights for Athena and Clydesdale?

Per USAT Guidelines, Clydesdale men should weigh 220 pounds and Athena women 165 pounds. We will not be weighing you.