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    Race Day

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Race Day

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Race Day

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Although Wisconsin is starting to reopen, we are still living in a time of uncertainty. We have been working diligently to determine how to effectively proceed with hosting each of the individual Wisconsin Tri Series events in a safe manner for our participants, staff, volunteers and spectators. We have already postponed a few of the series events to ensure we would be adhering to public health guidelines and practicing all recommendations. However, we feel it would be irresponsible of us to proceed with the series while these guidelines and recommendations are still evolving and the future is still so unclear. And therefore we are deeply saddened to be announcing the cancellation of the 2020 Wisconsin Tri Series.

This is not the news we want to be sharing with all of you as we know so many of you want to be out there racing - and trust us, we do too! We empathize with your disappointment and we are immensely grateful for your patience and support over the past few months. We understand that no option we provide works for everyone. We ask for your understanding during these critical times for our organization. But for now, it's important that we are prioritizing the safety of all participants, staff, volunteers and spectators.

All registered participants will be given the option to defer their entry to 2021 or they may choose to donate their entry fee to be put towards funding free entries to front line workers. Further details will be emailed to all registered participants on these options as well as an exclusive offer for one month free membership from Pinnacle Health & Fitness.

We are not giving up on 2020 quite yet though, we are keeping our eyes and ears open to the possibility of trying to host an event at some point yet later this year and will share further details as we know more. Stay healthy and safe and we hope to see you all again soon!